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Atlantic City Specials

Our Vegan Menu Tonight

Tamale Al Pastor

Banana leaf, steamed corn masa cake filled with chili guajillo marinated seitan & pineapple, toppned with pineapple salsa, salsa verde. $6

Mushroom Tacos
Two corn tortillas with pan seared mushrooms in a orange guajillo salsa, avocado, cabbage slaw, pickled onions, cilantro $8 App
Dinner - 3 tacos served with rice & beans $16

Portobello Fajita

Chili marinated grilled portobello's served over fried onions and peppers with pico de gallo, salsa rojo, poblano coconut crema, and three flour tortillas served with rice and black beans. $14

L.A. Vegan Tacos

Three corn tortillas, guacamole, ancho marinated seitan, lettuce, onions, peppers, cilantro, served with rice & beans. Choice of salsa arbol or salsa verde. $14

Vegetable Curry Poblano Relleno
Chili poblano stuffed with curried seitan, squash, corn, peppers & onions, habanero coconut corn cream. $10 App
Served with rice & black beans. $14

Vegan Friday Specials:


Black Bean Tamale
Banana Leaf Steamed Masa Corn & Black Bean Cake,
Salsa Guajillo, Black Bean Puree, Coconut Sour Cream,
Guacamole, Cilantro. 10

Borracho Nachos
Chili Marinated Vegetable Protein , Tomatoes, Scallions,
Salsa Guajillo, Coconut Ale Cream. 8

Tamale Al Pastor
Banana Leaf Steamed Corn Masa Cake filled with Chili Guajillo Marinated Seitan
& Pineapple, Topped with Pineapple Salsa, Salsa Verde. 8

Mushroom Tacos
Two Corn Tortillas with Pan Seared Mushrooms in a Orange Guajillo Salsa,Avocado, Cabbage Slaw, Pickled Onions, Cilantro App - 8
Dinner - Three Tacos Served with Rice & Beans. 16


Stuffed Poblano Rellano
Coconut Chipotle Pilaf, Black Beans, Toasted Cashews, Mango Salsa, Coconut Curry Cream, Served with Mango Salad. 14

Seitan Taquitos
Corn Tortillas Rolled Around Seitan Crumbles And Fried, Topped With Our Traditional Sabroso Sauce, Coconut Sour Cream, Red Onions And Avocado. Served With Mexican Rice And Refried Beans. 15

Carnitas Tacos
Achiote Marinated Vegetable Protein Strips, Guacamole, Onions,
Cilantro., Salsa Verde Served With Mexican Rice And Refried Beans. 14

Portobello Fajita
Chili Marinated Grilled Portobello’s Served Over Fried
Onions and Peppers with Pico De Gallo, Salsa Rojo, Poblano Coconut Crema, and Three Flour Tortillas Served with Rice and Black Beans. 14

L.A. Vegan Tacos
Three Corn Tortillas, Guacamole, Ancho Marinated Seitan, Lettuce ,Onions, Peppers, Cilantro.  Served with Rice & Beans. Choice of Salsa Arbol or Salsa Verde. 14

Vegan Quinoa Tacos
Soft Corn Tortillas Filled with Quinoa, Black beans, Roasted Corn, Topped with Avocado slices and Guajillo sauce.
Accompanied with Mango Vinaigrette salad and sweet Fried Plantains . 15.50

Citrus Mango Coconut Rice Pudding. 5

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